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Green Key Award - Global Award

Green Key Award - Global Award

Green Key Award - Global Award

The Mediterranean Palace Hotel was awarded with "Green Key" 2021, the internationally recognized Eco-label, for supporting sustainable development in the Tourism Industry.

The criteria of the Program refer to Environmental Management applied by a tourism enterprise, and Environmental Education that should be implemented by an enterprise on its staff, guests, suppliers, and on many occasions, on the local community, within which, it operates. During the year, inspections are performed by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and a representative of the International Foundation for Environmental Education, members of which are 65 environmental organizations from 57 countries worldwide.

Sustainable Development is the basis for planning all of the hotel's activities, by supporting and building a strong ecological profile, which is a key comparative advantage for the Mediterranean Palace.

Our Environmental Policy planning takes place by setting as priorities the continuous improvement of the Ecological Footprint and continuous reduction of the ecological impact of the hotel's operation.

More specifically:

  • Cooperation with accredited recycling operators for materials such as paper, glass, batteries, lamps, used soaps, and appliances/devices.
  • Availability of a waste processing and disposal plan, such as and especially for used oils.
  • Cooperation with Local Government. For 2021, tree planting in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki has been scheduled to take place.
  • Staff training on energy and resource saving issues in the hotel's facilities.
  • Implementation of energy-saving practices in towel management.

Moreover, a continuous adaptation of our building facilities to new, environmentally friendly technologies is also very important.
This award identifies and highlights the endless effort of the staff and management of the Mediterranean Palace, for continuous improvement as well as upgrading of services, driven by respect for the environment.

Green Key Award - Βράβευση Παγκοσμίου φήμης
Green Key Award - Βράβευση Παγκοσμίου φήμης


24 Mar
2021 a year.. full of Greece

At Mediterranean Palace we are actively involved in the celebration of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution in 1821, by planning several actions while supporting cultural institutions who hold anniversary events.

03 Feb
Valentine's Weekend with Mediterranean Palace.

Valentine’s Day tastes Mediterranean Palace. “Weekend in” in our hotel or “Weekend out” in the comfort of your home with “Mediterranean Palace at home” service.

19 Jan
2021 Mediterranean Honors

2021 Mediterranean Honors

2021: A year full of Greece

Mediterranean Palace is a 5 star hotel in Thessaloniki, in the city center, with 111 rooms and 7 suites; all meticulously decorated, and equipped with modern conveniences, next to the traditional district of “Ladadika”, and with an astonishing view over the Thermaikos Gulf.


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